Monday, 21 January 2013

My Red Shoes

Well, of all the ways for me to become an internet and film-world sensation I didn’t think it would be because of my feet.

I was aware that it was a distinct possibility.

From the moment I stumbled into the internet, fresh faced and innocent, I quickly became aware that one can become an internet sensation for any number of reasons.
Most, are tremendously unpleasant.

However this is the way that it is and so I must be prepared for the inevitability of the fame of my feet.

“What are you drivelling on about you outrageous drunk!”

I am not drunk! And I resent any implication that I am.

I was simply highlighting the distinct possibility that my feet will be famous: This firm belief is based on having spent the weekend in a draughty and mostly abandoned building having said appendages filmed for a little short film called ‘Chain Reaction’ in which I star. 

Well I’m in it. Well my feet are in it. For a bit.

The length of screen time is not important!

Look at Judi Dench. That’s what my feet are now. I shall call them Judy and Dench. 

The left one will be Dench.

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