Wednesday, 8 May 2013


My ego is quietly plotting something horrible.

I know that it’s doing it, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. It is too powerful. Too fat-headed to be stopped. The end will be horrid and messy.

Even now my ego whispers epic lies!

It is plotting and planning my downfall, all the while believing it is setting itself on the path to glory.

It's all fine for the ego! The ego doesn’t have to be there on the day! The ego doesn’t have to learn the lines! In fact it flatly refuses ‘I don’t need lines! I can blag it! It will be better that way!’ but will it turn up on the day? Will it be there at my side as I fret and wail and cry?


It’ll bugger off and sleep somewhere, in some dark and dingy cave with a sleep dragon while I am left to gawp at a faceless crowd of faces! 

There are precious few days to go before I launch myself at an audience in an attempt to be funny. It will happen on Saturday the 25th of May. Remember that day! For it shall be my last!

I shall crumble as my ego flits off into the distance to dance a waltz with a Giraffe-Cow and I shall be left, wibbling and wobbling in my shoes before I melt into a puddle of oozing shame. 

Entrance is free!

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