Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sod it!

Possibly not the best attitude to take when publishing your first book online, but that is the nadir I have reached.

“I write the forward next Tuesday… promise.” Whined my brother on the sixth month. Sod it – I thought, it was cut.

The font’s all sliding to the left.

Sod it. I thought and pressed publish.

35% or 70% but with technical details that have to be read and thought about and maybe we’ll price match and maybe we won’t and maybe you can charge £1 but maybe you should charge £1.50… think about it… be consumed by greed so we can do something terrible to you!

So ‘sod it’ I thought and charged 98p which may or may not turn into a £1 once VAT has been added. WHO CAN SAY!

So this is all turning into a great experiment in technical detail.

I’m sure Shakespeare never had this trouble when he was writing his sonnets on the starched remains of a pig.

Still we are all in the future now (yes we are, they are going to mars, so this is the future) so I ought to get used to the idea of overly complicated technical details and being swindled by an IT guy.

But the most important thing is that ITS COMING!


It’s actually being processed now! Are you excited? Are you? Are you all getting hyped?

No? Oh well… sod it.

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