Monday, 12 August 2013

You haven’t been around in a while.

Well, since you have all been rushing to find out where I have been since my last post IN JUNE!!! I thought I would let you all know I am alive and well.

Not that any one of you actually did anything to check, did you? None of you filed a missing persons report when you sensed I had been away from my blog for more than twenty minutes, did you?

Oh no, you just got on with your sad little lives ignoring my mysterious disappearance from my bloggity blog.

Well, I shall have you know… that I have been … busy!

Yes I have! Don’t look at me like that! With that judgy eye, and those inquisitive whiskers.

I HAVE been busy. Super duper busy doing loads of stuff that you would so want to have done that I won’t tell you about it for fear that the jealousy would make your brain squirt out of your ears. Which would be disgusting.

However, I can tell you that I have been forced into a Perspex cage. It is punishment for being alive at this point in humanity’s timeline. I found myself becoming a bee, and joining the long queue of other bees all in a line wanting to buzz about mindlessly.

It is a hate filled world out there. You think my hate is hate filled but you should look at the hate already out there, already bubbling along and spilling over into people’s faces and hessian bags for life.

People are all grabby and pushy and full of misplaced want.

Already seething with an indeterminate rage, caused by a flawed sense of unfulfilled entitlement, these people shuffle and hurry along, needing to be wherever they are not and snarling at any poor animal, vegetable, mineral or thing that has the misfortune to be perceived as the cause of their slow progress.

It is into the path of this tidal wave of semi-apathetic haste that I, in my Plexiglass box, have been thrust.

Hiding in full view, waiting for my moment to return to you and now I’m here. Yay.

I was going to draw a load of other bees all in a line so that I was joining the queue of bees but to be honest I have a life away from the graphics tablet, and yes I have a graphics tablet, and no I didn't pay for the graphics tablet, and also no I don't know how to use the graphics tablet and will you stop asking about the flippen graphics tablet.

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