Monday, 20 January 2014

I’m back

I am in a serene place of calm.

Floating on a peaceful sea of calmness, gently bobbing along on waves of tranquillity and staring up at a sky of stillness.

“Why?” I hear you ask, slightly perplexed and startled but with general overtones of apathy.

Because I have just eaten my lunch. Twas jam on toast (Gluten free bread of course, I’m utterly intolerant to proletariat food).

“Why the frick, after months of nothing, have you decided that now is a wonderful time to tell me about your lunch?”

Well, because I am simply writing myself back into this bloggy thing by setting the scene.

I have been away for months and months and months. Mostly because I have been too busy doing other things to waste my time on your faces, but I suppose that if this heaving corpse of a blog is to struggle to continue its sad and neglected life then I am forced to attend to it at least once a year, perhaps even twice! Lucky for you!

The reason, as I am sure many of you know, that I have been away is because I have been on the interweb in another form – a sort of video form in which I act and stuff in order to amuse the general public. CLICK HERE

I have also decided to go to oony-ver-city and learn how to write, they might even teach me to read while I’m at it!

And in order to pay for the privilege of someone telling me how to scrawl on bits of pulped wood with a crayon I have to pay out vast quantities of cash, which I have had to earn by… I can hardly say it… going to work.

ME?! Work! I know. I KNOW! It is a shock to the system. I was never built to work, I was built to be served, worshiped, brought things on golden platters (I know that comes under ‘served’ but still) and admired. Yet here I find myself, at work.

The word is still rather alien to me and I find myself choking on it slightly. Wretching up my lovely lunch onto the golden platter on which it was served to me. Like the hairball of a feline goddess.

And with that lovely image pushed into your faces, I shall leave you.

For now! Mwahahahaha etc

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