Monday, 15 June 2015


Well I was so knackered after actually doing some work on DAY SIX that I had to spend all of DAY SEVEN on the couch half asleep.

I could have watched ‘Orange is the New Black’ – which is what every other bugger in the world seems to have done.

I will binge watch that particular series when I am damn-well, good and ready to binge watch that particular series! DAMN YOU!

Isn’t that the whole point? Isn’t it?

ON DEMAND!? It is for when I demand it!

Not for one great gluttonous soup of pyjamas and crisps on the first bloody weekend it comes out!

Speeding through the whole thing in a desperate attempt to ingest a cultural phenomenon before it slides out of popular interest; so that you have something in your sad empty life to talk about come Monday morning.

Not even Monday morning!

By Monday morning everyone is talking about something else (I have no idea what, because I am not everyone) because they will all be on the twittersphere watching what everyone else is talking about and joining in quickly before everyone goes away and talks about something else!

But its ok because if you get lost and don’t know what everyone is talking about, you can look at the little list of what’s ‘Trending’, then join in that ‘conversation’ and become ‘trendy’, TRENDY!? Then simply start shouting whatever nonsense comes into your head, shouting and shouting into a void of a million voices that no one hears!

A great echo chamber of jibber jabber with everyone hoping that their little shout or picture or video leaps out of the pinball machine (I’ve changed metaphors now, do keep up) with an electric cheer and shoots off into the outerworld of blogs and buzzfeeds morphing into a ‘meme’ or a ‘viral’ alongside a million other virals and memes in a world of grumpy cats and rainbow cats and cats in shark suits riding robot vacuum cleaners.

What have we become!?

What have I become? 

...a bit bored, tbh.

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