Tuesday, 9 June 2015


What happened to ‘Day one’? I hear you ask.

Well spotted!

Anyway – today is Tuesday June 9th 2015 (as you can prolly tell from the automatic date at the top of this blog but never mind that) and it is DAY TWO of my self imposed exile from THE WORLD.

The reason for this exile is so that I can FINALLY finish the play that I have been writing for what feels like most of my life, if not many lives before this one.

The length of time spent writing has not improved the quality of the script so far – most of the pages are taped together scrawled notes saying things like ‘How would I react here?’ and ‘a hopeless vacuum’ or ‘what does dog taste like?’… so at the moment it would prolly pass as a bit of performance art but nothing worth watching.


Alright! No need to shout! Blimey.

Well so far I have written this blog and read the complete scripts of ‘Father Ted’, oh and the complete book of sketches by Victoria Wood, and I’ve had a bit of cake. Actually I have had a hell of a lot of cake.

But to be fair, right, just as I am getting into writing, as in thinking about getting into writing… possibly... the next door neighbours decide that now is the perfect time to grab a chainsaw and hack down four, thirty foot trees.


Plus my mug of coffee runs dry very quickly and I have to think about writing a message to the milkman plus my books really do need alphabetising then I will have to cook something for lunch and have a long think about what to make for tea and I really ought to have a bath this side of the summer solstice…

All in all there is far too much to be doing and I can’t possibly be putting pen to paper to finish my opus while all this nonsense is going on.

But ok… I’ll make some sort of imaginary deal with you and see if I can’t at least have a fair whack at filling out a bit of act two… How will they four survivors react to the presence of THE STRANGER!

Just after I finish this bit of cake and watch that tree come down.

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