Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Right, well, I’ve gotten to that time of life now where everything is slipping,

Don’t look at me like that! Slipping, commitment wise. Why you always have to jump to the most physical of conclusions I’ll never know!

See I’ve tried my hand at many a thingy over the years (as the actress said to the bishop –woop woop) knitting lasted almost a quarter! (that’s three months to those of us who aren’t accountants) I was an archaeologist for a long, dirt filled summer (slipping into winter without a by your leave!) I worked in recruitment and had to talk to people every hour on the hour, relentlessly. That was awful.

I was even Welsh at one point, but I think we’ll gloss over that with a suspiciously dark marker pen, one of those ones where a single hard sniff gets you whistling with pixies.

But this little blog. This little bloggity blog, that I nurtured like those frighteningly fly infested miniature cucumbers I lost interest in, has been something I held onto with the best of intentions.

Dreaming of how one day this little bloggity blog would scoop me up in a wave of internet sensation based hysteria and place me, like a little starlight statue, alongside the greats of the comedy world.

But that seems like a lot of effort, doesn’t it?

So I have abandoned you, again and again, while I wandered off to do something more interesting and fulfilling, like playing Assassins Creed (oh the sounds of the screaming as I throw my latest kill off the rooftop into the crowd below fills me with a little fuzz of joy in the pit of my belly) or less interesting and hardly fulfilling at all, such as going to university.

Right now, however, I am working on a play. A real theatre-type-with-actors-type-play that I am writing all by myself (with as much help as I can get) and I hope this serves as some explanation as to why I am here.

My procrastination has taken me full circle so that the procrastination I took up to take me away from this blog has now become so important to me that I am back here to procrastinate in order to avoid that which I took up to avoid this. Obvs.

So as long as I am avoiding doing something worthwhile, I will write blog posts. Probably.


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